Lets chat about love...

Platonic LOVE! The older I get the stronger feels I have for Platonic Love. Being an 80s kid, I think, I was conditioned to believe that I couldn't possibly survive without a intimate partner. That I needed a romantic partner, to infact, live day to day, and thrive.

And while I do have a wonderful partner, HI LOGAN. I'm learning that other valueable relationships that I have in my life are my platonic relationships with my friends...Something that I hope to spend more time nurturing. Especially this Valentine's Day, making sure the people I'm in love with know that I LOVE THEM! 

So while Valentine's Day is def just a holiday to get us to spend a little bit of cash. It does have the cutest aesthetics, color stories, and hearts! Let's reclaim this day to tell each other exactly how we're feeling about each other. &ILYSM! XOXOX, Jacqueline

Model: @lizzyboots_

Photographer: @chubby.dust.bunny