I've always wanted to create a stationary line, and with the help of Canva I've created a daily checklist (or any timeline really) that I find useful in my daily/weekly planning. In all reality, I am not good at time management, hello ADHD. But writing down my tasks with a graceful timeline, helps me narrow down my prioities. It allows me to brain dump all my tasks my neurodivergent mind likes to choke up on. I've noticed that I get more stuff done, and don't put so much pressure or dread/time loss on the task. 

This will be a free for the next little bit for my insta/blog readers. 

Just hold down the image and save to device. Print as you need. (I print a 8x10 sizing on standard printer paper so that my margins are cute like in the photograph!)

I wanan try to figure out how to add a digital file to my Etsy, so it will be avaiable later for a nominal fee. 

If this works out well for you, let me know! I know that I'm gunna be ordering a specialty hole punch for the planner I use so I can add this to my weekly rotation.